How to fold the quilt into a pillow

It might not be obvious how to fold up this quilt so it becomes a pillow, so here are the steps.

1.  Lay the quilt flat, right-side-up, with the top edge nearest you. 
2.  Fold one side in over the center panel. 
In this photo, the right side has been folded over the center.

3.  Fold the other side over the center panel.

4.  Now fold the top half of the quilt down over the bottom half. 

5.  And do the same thing again.  
You should see the edge of the pillow part peeking out from under the quilt now. 

 6.  Flip the entire quilt over.  Now the pillow part is on top.

7.  This part is hard to show very well:   reach inside under the pillow part, 
grab all the many layers of quilt fabric in one of the far corners, 
and pull them towards you while turning the pillow part over them.  
You are trying to flip the pillow part inside-out over the quilt.

8.  Do the same for the other far corner, then poke and tidy until you have a quillow - 
 a quilt in a pillow! 

Another way to do this, which may or may not be easier, is to lay out the quilt and fold it into thirds, as is shown in steps 1-3.  Then turn the pillow pocket inside-out over the bottom quarter of the quilt.  (The Beloit side of the pocket should be on top now.)  Then fold the rest of the quilt into thirds, towards the pocket top, and finally fold it one more time and tuck it into the pocket.  (Or, fold the quilt in half, stuffing the top edge of the quilt into the pillow, then fold the rest in half and stuff it in, too.)  You may have to reach in and tidy the corners.  Voila, a pillow with a quilt inside!  A handy form-factor for storage, travel, summer months, or when you want a pillow rather than a quilt.